Top 12 Best Ethernet Splitter Of 2022: See Our #1 Picks

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Have you ever heard about these brands when looking for Best ethernet splitter: brands. If yes, you are on the right path to choosing your right product. However, to make the final decision you still need more information as the pros and cons, price range, features,etc. Thus, our specialists have had an idea that crawled reviews from customers to make the Top Best ethernet splitter below. Now, all you need to do is read the list and pick one. You can totally believe in their quality because they all belong to popular brands such as: Netgear, Tenda, Tp-link, Netis, Intellinet network solutions, Trendnet.

Best ethernet splitter

According to our research, we think the Best ethernet splitter is NETGEAR GS305-300PAS. Scroll through the rest of our list and check out the buying guide if you're not sure what to look for!

TOP Choice #1

NETGEAR 5-Port Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged Switch (GS305) - Home Network Hub, Office Ethernet Splitter, Plug-and-Play, Silent Operation, Desktop or Wall Mount

Brand: NETGEAR, Warranty: 3 year, Color: , Size: 0.24 kg (0.53 lb)
Height: 4.00 Inches, Width: 1.10 Inches, Length: 3.70 Inches, Weight: 0.53 Pounds
ftb score rating icon 9.7
Our Score


  • Built to last: Every Netgear Network switch is rigorously tested for reliability, quality, and performance
  • Plug and play: Simple setup with no software to install or configuration needed
  • Energy efficient: Designed to optimize power usage, lowering its cost to operate; Most models are compliant with IEEE802.3az Energy Efficient Ethernet mode
TOP Choice #2

NETGEAR 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged Switch (GS208) - Desktop, Ethernet Splitter, Silent Operation, Plug-and-Play

Brand: NETGEAR, Warranty: , Color: White, Size: 08 Port
Height: 2.32 Inches, Width: 7.48 Inches, Length: 8.86 Inches, Weight: 0.42 Pounds
ftb score rating icon 9.6
Our Score


  • Supports desktop placement
  • Silent operation ideal for noise sensitive environment
  • 1-year limited hardware warranty
TOP Choice #3

NETGEAR 5-Port Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged Switch (GS205) - Desktop, Ethernet Splitter, Plug-and-Play, Silent Operation

Brand: NETGEAR, Warranty: , Color: White, Size: 05 Port
Height: 2.40 Inches, Width: 5.51 Inches, Length: 9.25 Inches, Weight: 0.68 Pounds
ftb score rating icon 9.5
Our Score


  • Supports desktop placement
  • 1-year limited hardware warranty
  • 5 Gigabit Ethernet ports
TOP Choice #4

Tenda 5-Port 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet Unmanaged PoE Switch-with 4 [email protected] (TEF1105P) | Desktop & Wall-Mount | Fanless Ethernet Splitter | Plug & Play | Sturdy Metal | Limited Lifetime Protection

Brand: Tenda, Warranty: 2 years warranty, Color: Brown, Size: 5-Port
Height: 1.02 Inches, Width: 3.93 Inches, Length: 3.93 Inches, Weight: 0.55 Pounds
ftb score rating icon 9.4
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  • 【MULTIPLE MOUNTING OPTIONS】- Allows for either desktop or wall mount options provides enhanced versatility and efficiency
  • 【LIGHTNING SECURITY】- Features 6kV Lightning-Protection on all ports to prevent power spikes and induction currents from lightning strikes
  • 【STURDY METAL FRAME】- Effectively protects internal components and provides better heat diffusion

TP-Link 16 Port 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet Switch | Desktop or Wall-Mounting | Plastic Case Ethernet Splitter | Unshielded Network Switch | Plug and Play | Fanless Quiet | Unmanaged (TL-SF1016D)

Brand: TP-Link, Warranty: 5 year - parts & labor, Color: 16, Size: 16 Port
Height: 1.57 Inches, Width: 5.59 Inches, Length: 7.87 Inches, Weight: 0.50 Pounds
ftb score rating icon 9.3
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  • Supports MAC address auto-learning and auto-aging
  • Plug and play, no configuration required
  • Fanless design ensures quiet operation

Tenda TEG1016G | 16-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch | Desktop Network Splitter | Sturdy Metal | Fanless | Plug & Play | Traffic Optimization | Unmanaged | Limited Lifetime Protection

Brand: Tenda, Warranty: 3 years warranty, Color: , Size: 16-Port|Gigabit
Height: 1.73 Inches, Width: 8.19 Inches, Length: 17.32 Inches, Weight: 4.41 Pounds
ftb score rating icon 9.2
Our Score


  • 【Port Configuration】- 16 10/100/1000MPS Auto-negotiating MDIX RJ45 Ethernet ports deliver the fastest possible connection
  • 【Dual Operating Mode】- Network Cloning Mode: allows copying the contents such as operating system,data backup. Standard Sharing Mode: allows normal data transmission
  • 【Space Saving & Rack Mountable】- The switch is solidly built in compact and sturdy case that is easy to mount into a standard 19-inch rack

Netis ST3124P 24 Port 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet Rackmount Switch with Plug-and-Play | Auto MDI/MDI-X, Desktop Ethernet Splitter and Hub, Plug and Play, Traffic Optimization, Compact Design

Brand: Netis, Warranty: 1 year, Color: 24 Port 100M, Size: 24 Port 100M
Height: 5.00 Inches, Width: 7.00 Inches, Length: 10.00 Inches, Weight: 1.60 Pounds
ftb score rating icon 9.0
Our Score


  • PLUG AND PLAY: Simple setup with built internal power supply; no installation or modification of software required.
  • ETHERNET PORT CONFIGURATION: 24 10/100Mbps Auto-Negotiation RJ45 ports are supported by the netis ST3124P Fast Ethernet switch.
  • SWITCHING FEATURES: 4.8 Gbps Switching Capacity.Supports Jumbo frame and 8K MAC address table.

Intellinet 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Network Switch - Ethernet Splitter - Unmanaged | Plug & Plug | Fanless Metal Housing - for Computer Networking Hub, Desktop – 3 Year Warranty – 530347

Brand: Intellinet Network Solutions, Warranty: , Color: , Size:
Height: 0.98 Inches, Width: 5.12 Inches, Length: 3.82 Inches, Weight: 0.77 Pounds
ftb score rating icon 8.9
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  • Energy Saving Tech: Green Ethernet power-saving technology deactivates unused ports and adjusts power levels based on the cable length.
  • 3 Year Warranty: 3 Year Warranty when purchased from the manufacturer or authorized reseller. Package includes: 8-Port Ethernet Switch, External power adapter & User Manual.
  • Fanless Quiet Design: Fanless design ideal for silent operation. Has strong metal housing for maximum durability.

NETGEAR 48 Port Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged Network Switch (GS348) - Desktop or Rackmount, Silent Operation, Ethernet Splitter, Plug-and-Play

Brand: NETGEAR, Warranty: Two year warranty., Color: Black, Size: 48 Port
Height: 1.70 Inches, Width: 17.32 Inches, Length: 8.03 Inches, Weight: 6.94 Pounds
ftb score rating icon 8.7
Our Score


  • Supports desktop or rackmount placement with the necessary mounting hardware in the box
  • Energy efficient design compliant with IEEE802.3az
  • Simple plug-and-play setup with no software to install or configuration needed

Intellinet 5-Port Gigabit Ethernet Network Switch, Ethernet Splitter - Unmanaged | Plug & Play | Auto Traffic Optimization | Fanless Metal Housing - for Computer Networking Hub, Desktop – 530378

Brand: Intellinet Network Solutions, Warranty: , Color: , Size:
Height: 1.10 Inches, Width: 5.51 Inches, Length: 3.07 Inches, Weight: 0.68 Pounds
ftb score rating icon 8.6
Our Score


  • Fast & Reliable Data Speeds: 10 / 100 / 1000 Auto MDI-X ports automatically detect optimal internet network speeds. As well as high performance, half and full duplex, with zero packet lossalf and full duplex, with zero packet loss.
  • Durable & Quiet: Fanless design ideal for silent operation. Also has strong metal housing for maximum durability.
  • Easy to Install & Set Up: No worries about setting up… software to install or configuration needed. Just plug and play!

TRENDnet - TEG-S16DG 16-Port Unmanaged Gigabit GREENnet Desktop Metal Switch, TEG-S16DG, Ethernet Splitter, Ethernet/Network Switch, 16 x 10/100/1000 RJ-45 Ports, 32 Gbps Forwarding Capacity, Lifetime Protection Black

Brand: TRENDnet, Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty, Color: Black, Size: 16-Port
Height: 7.00 Inches, Width: 1.70 Inches, Length: 11.00 Inches, Weight: 3.31 Pounds
ftb score rating icon 8.5
Our Score


  • DESKTOP DESIGN: Compact and sturdy metal Ethernet desktop gigabit switch housing design is well suited for desktop installations. Its fanless design is perfect for quiet environments that require silent operation.
  • LOW NOISE OPERATION: Fanless design lowers energy consumption and eliminates operating noise
  • PLUG AND PLAY: Simply power up the switch and plug in connected devices. No software to install or configuration needed.

NETGEAR 5-Port Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged Switch (GS105NA) - Desktop or Wall Mount, and Limited Lifetime Protection

Brand: NETGEAR, Warranty: , Color: Gray, Size: Unmanaged
Height: 3.90 Inches, Width: 1.06 Inches, Length: 4.02 Inches, Weight: 1.16 Pounds
ftb score rating icon 8.4
Our Score


  • Silent operation ideal for noise sensitive environment
  • Simple plug-and-play setup with no software to install or configuration needed
  • Energy efficient design compliant with IEEE802.3az
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How do you find a suitable Best ethernet splitter in 2022?

Best ethernet splitter
Best ethernet splitter. Image source:

What are some suggestions for selecting a quality brand? How can I be sure that the item I'm acquiring is of excellent quality? When purchasing a new product, many buyers ask themselves these concerns.

Many of us are focused on how much money we invest, but if you think which companies are worth the investment your hard-earned money in, this post will provide you with some guidance.

This article may assist you in determining how to select a reputable brand with high-quality items.

1. Read consumer reviews regarding the brand's product

Do you want to know what other shoppers say about that brand? Numerous brands are available, but not all of these will provide value for your money. It would be helpful to find a reputable producer who has been manufacturing the product for some time.

You may study and read customer feedback about famous brands on online sales websites. Many things are available at either a low or high cost. Customer reviews are essential in this situation since they can tell you all you need to know before buying a product. You'll be able to see whether this product is out of your price range.

Compare costs on several websites before making a purchase to ensure you're getting a decent deal. Lastly, don't forget to factor in delivery charges; certain goods may be more expensive than others owing to shipping expenses, so pay attention to those as well!

2. Determine if the company's product is beneficial or not

Is the company's Best ethernet splitter positive or negative? That is a topic that many consumers have asked.

Suppose you've recently purchased a new product that isn't operating as expected. You will be anxious. The most excellent way to avoid this is to see whether the firm has any other things before purchasing or launching one of its newest releases. This is something we'll discuss.

2.1. What are the brands?

Frequently, the ideal product is on sale - a discount. For you, it may be a wise value or quality decision, but it isn't always the case for others.

Newer items are frequently the most popular and have higher quality than earlier versions. As a result, even with all of those benefits, it's common to find that they're still overpriced because new features don't always imply more excellent value - only if they work as publicized!

2.2 How does this Best ethernet splitter line up against other items in its group?

Comparing this great item to other items in its field is the most effective assessment technique. Color, style, size, set, enormous, or online purchase are just some of the alternatives. The critical distinction is that these parameters have an impact on how well this product compares to others in its field. 

Its effectiveness does not influence its ability to keep up with other items of the same type on the market! When weighing the upsides and downsides of a product. Efficiency and distraction-free comfort, sturdiness, and high-quality materials, on the other hand, are essential.

3. What is the product's warranty policy?

A warranty is an agreement or a statute that gives a customer a "guarantee" to buy specified items.

When it comes to guarantees, you typically have two alternatives: pay extra now and cope with any damage afterward, or go without and suffer with whatever issue develops before then. In most cases, extending the warranty at the planning stage saves money in the long run.

Moreover, they may not even be aware of concerns until the return date has elapsed. As a result, in order to guarantee that the brand delivers the Best ethernet splitter, it is also needed to secure that the company's warranty policy is the best for the buyer.

4. How long has the product been on the market?

Many people have inquired how long a business has been in operation. Is it completely new, or has it been around for a while? Is it a new ranking or not?

It is not always simple to determine how long a corporation has been in the trade. Browsing their website or performing an online search to sell publications that may have discussed them is the best way to learn more about the Best ethernet splitter.

If you're still having problems determining when they initially appeared on the scene, it's time to contact customer care and inquire!

5. The brand should have a proven history and recognition

The profitability of every brand is dependent on its reputation. Without its public image, a brand's trustworthiness will suffer significantly. People are more likely to buy a product or service if they are familiar with your company's brand, customer satisfaction, and experience. 

Consumers don't want to deal with the hassle of figuring out who they're purchasing from, what they're buying, and handing them their hard-earned money, particularly when it comes to low-value things like food, garments, and supplies.


There are many manufacturers to choose from on the domestic and international markets, but not all of them will provide you with the Best ethernet splitter. The challenge is to pick a reputable program that offers both quality and price for your investment. 

Customer assessments of their goods, warranty policies, how long they've been operating, and what other consumers have said about their personnel file are all critical factors to consider when buying a quality product. We hope that this article has assisted you in limiting your search so that choosing which one to purchase is now a lot easier


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Editor's Notes

During our Best ethernet splitter research, we found 194 Best ethernet splitter products and shortlisted 12 quality products. We collected and analyzed 3,928 customer reviews through our big data system to write the Best ethernet splitter list. We found that most customers choose Best ethernet splitter with an average price from $23 to $625.

The Best ethernet splitter are available for purchase. We have researched hundreds of brands and picked the top brands of fuel transfer tanks, including Netgear, Tenda, Tp-link, Netis, Intellinet network solutions, Trendnet

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